Sunday, February 27, 2011

Introducing, the BRAND-NEW MarketingYOGI!

Welcome to the brand new blog of the MarketingYOGI! We’re definitely proud to introduce MarketingYOGI to each one of you, readers! Well, to start with, who is this MarketingYOGI? Is he a Marketing geek? A Web 2.0 addict? A seasoned marketing professional? A strategist? A witty writer? Well, we could say he’s a blend of all. And wait, what does “YOGI” mean, by the way? It means: an ascetic sage who practices meditation and undivided contemplation with enlightenment as his ultimate goal. Our MarketingYOGI is also one such! He is an enlightened “digital soul” that lives on Web 2.0, and that is on a constant quest to preach, share and learn the sect called Marketing. With this intro, we’d let MarketingYOGI to converse with you one-on-one and take you all along the exciting journey in his marketing world!

MarketingYOGI: “Welcome, all Marketing PHD’s!! Yeah, YOU! Yeah, I was referring to YOU!" <chuckles> <starts again, with much more clarity in his tone> "There is marketing in most of the actions that we see and do in our regular life. Marketing is omnipresent! There is no man or woman on earth that doesn’t know Marketing. It’s just that marketers speak the language with jargons, and the rest do it plainly and unknowingly. This blog is bestowed upon all the marketing geniuses, aspirants, geeks, and any human who loves the ‘marketing elements’ in life. Follow me, I’ll uncover testaments, unleash secrets, teach you mantras, also learn from you and let you join my all-inclusive sect called marketing……..! OM-Marketing-ey-potri-potri!!*"

*Yeah, that’s the MarketingYOGI’s “brand chant”!


charmila said...

A vry gud start, iam loving it, amazed of ur writing skills, keep rocking, all d very best hemanth.

Anonymous said...

thank's is information and very good.

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